At Randy Herrera Designer, we are dedicated to creating your perfect home. Here is a breakdown of the steps we take when designing a home:

Phase 1: Site Analysis
A site analysis is useful because it allows us to understand the natural surroundings and landscape of each homesite. Using insights gained from over 30 years of experience, we are easily able to create spaces that incorporate the natural landscape.

Phase 2: Initial Design
During Phase 2, we create designs that incorporate the client’s vision and our design expertise. These designs will also help establish a preliminary location of all structures.

Phase 3: Reviewing Scope
This is the most collaborative phase of our design process. During Phase 3, we work with clients to better understand their specific needs and their budget. We also discuss features such as building materials, colors, outdoor living spaces, and any additions our clients want and need for their homes.

Phase 4: Preliminary Drawings
Others in the industry may refer to these as schematic drawings. Preliminary drawings are important because they incorporate all of the design decisions made up until that point and help bring your vision to life.

Phase 5: Begin Construction Drawings
The final phase is the most exciting for our clients because their dreams are finally becoming reality. We guarantee that your home will not only be a lasting investment but will also become a place where you can create memories with your family for years to come.