When starting the design process a site analysis is recommended.  This gives the firm the ability to capture the very essence of each client’s perspective and to understand their vision.  This first phase ensures a design conducive to each individual’s home and helps establish a preliminary location of all structures.  Secondly, we review the scope of the project to better understand our client’s specific needs and approximate budgets.  As a part of our second phase, we review photos, building materials, colors, hardscape, outdoor living spaces, façade styles, pools and additional items required by every client to ensure their design captures all their needs.  Thirdly, we begin with the preliminary drawings, or as some in our industry refer to, schematic drawings.  In this step of the process, this becomes the most important phase of the entire project.  The firm establishes the desired design of each client, and yet preserves the natural surroundings, captures the scenic views, and maintains the natural vegetation.  As a part of the third phase, a façade will be created and developed fully before reaching our fourth phase.  Our fourth phase becomes our most productive and also creates the most excitement for our clients.  In this final phase, we commence with the construction documents.  These drawings will consist of all the items discussed throughout the process.  All the details in these drawings will ensure your home becomes a lasting investment of memories for your family.